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AMO, simply translated, is the Latin root word for love and it is fittingly applied to how the label’s founders and fashion industry veterans, Kelly Urban and Misty Zollars, feel about denim. The label was born with a fearless spirit and determined objective: to create the perfect pair of jeans designed by women who get it. AMO set forth to bring back the true intention of denim, to offer jeans that felt real, that got better with every wear, yet were so comfortable you never wanted to take them off. The result is a refreshing collection of new denim favorites that are timeless, yet decidedly modern.

The collection is lovingly made in Los Angeles, with an uncompromising approach to craftsmanship.


Longtime friends and self proclaimed denim soulmates, Kelly Urban and Misty Zollars founded AMO in 2014 out of a personal desire and void in the market. "We couldn't find the jeans we wanted to wear" both stated, "We absolutely love vintage jeans, but we find that they rarely fit well and are often uncomfortable. We wanted that vintage look, but also wanted a jean that fit perfectly, and that felt good on. So we set out to create a modern, vintage inspired denim collection that combined the best of both worlds."

This fresh, feminine approach to authentic denim is what sets AMO aside from the others in the market. The magic truly lies in Kelly and Misty's interpretation of how to apply vintage details to denim in a high-end, unique and even subtle way, and the result is a pair of jeans that is genuinely effortless.

"There is an old set of rules out there when it comes to designing denim, and we are taking a new approach from a different generation and a woman's point of view" explain Kelly and Misty. "We want our jeans to become your go-to, must have pair, because as women we know its the best feeling to be able to slip on a pair of jeans and not only look great, but also feel great in them."



Each season we work with a charity, with past partners that include:

Every Town
Planned Parenthood
Women's March

If you are an organization or charity that you feel would be a good fit for AMO, please email us at